About Us

Graduates of LA become part of this very special organization at the moment their diploma is signed.

The Association helps to maintain ties between the over 3,500 alumni who live in the far flung corners of the globe.  Alumni have been instrumental in the continued growth of programs and facilities over the years. It is well known that the “ties that bind” members of the Lee Academy community, past and present, are enduring and filled with fond memories.

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  • Pottle Scholarship
  • Alumni Scholarship

These scholarships were developed by alums, kept financially solid by alums, and given at graduation to “soon to be alums.”

  • 9-12 Maine Entrance Award

This award is developed and supported by Lee Academy Alums and awarded to deserving students from Maine who desire to attend Lee Academy.

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Since 1993

2020 Reunion

The Lee Academy Alumni Association organizes the annual August Lee Academy Alumni  Reunion.  Held the 3rd week-end in August each year, 200 alums, staff, and friends of Lee Academy gather to participate in this time honored tradition.

Some will come from a long distance.  Many will come because “it is what we do the 3rd week of August, every August.”  There will be those who will attend for the first time and many will wonder why it took them so long to come back to this place that once created so many friendships.

Tradition leads us to honor the following anniversary classes:

60, 50, 35, 25, and 10 years

This 120th Reunion of 2020 honors these classes:

*1960*  *1970*  *1985*  *1995*  *2010*


The Alumnus

The LA Alumni Association organizes the annual August reunion and supports the Office of Institutional Advancement in the mailing of the school’s bi-annual school magazine which is mailed to alumnus/a.