3rd Annual Winter Alumni Fundraiser Event

We have a 2021 Winner! Thank you to everyone who participated in this successful event!

The Ice Out Contest will officially kick off on January 1st, 2021.
Last year we had support from alums in 23 states. This year we challenge our vast alumni population to reach even further and make this fundraiser a global event.

All proceeds from this fundraiser are dedicated to LA’s new Outdoors and Environmental Education Program.  Our Alumni Association has pledged to help sponsor this unique and exciting program.  Please help us!  Read the info, enjoy the pictures, buy a ticket, join your fellow alums.  Make a difference!

How can we pinpoint the exact time the ice goes out of Merrill Pond?

space holder

Ice Out Official Clock 2019

Who wins?

The ticket holder who comes the closest to choosing the month, day, hour, minute, a.m., or p.m. of the official ice out at Merrill Pond WINS.

What is the prize?

The winner takes home half the pot! That is correct……half the pot! (not to exceed $2500.00 ) If there is more than one winner, all winners split the pot.

How much are the tickets?

The tickets are sold by the sheet. Each sheet has 10 tickets or 10 chances to win. Each sheet is $10.00.

How or where can I get the ticket sheets to enter the contest?

We offer two ways to enter the Ice Out Contest: the traditional way in which you get the ticket sheet, fill it out, and send it in; or electronically in which you fill out the form online and pay using PayPal. Follow the instructions below.

All questions not answered on these pages can be answered at this e-mail address
Please send us a message. We can help you.

Here Are The Complete Instructions For Entering The Ice Out Contest, Either Traditionally or Electronically.


1.  Locally you can get ticket sheets from Len Saba, Anita Duer, Wendy Dunbar, Meghann Zanotta, Jenn Dodge, Judy Mallett, Connie McLeod, Vicki Burpee, and Chuck Noyes.  Tickets are also available after Jan. 1st at Raymond’s Variety, Lee Motors, and Mallett’s Mill. 

2.  A complete ticket sheet can be downloaded from page 13 of the Nov. 2020 Alumnus, or click here to download.

3.  You can e-mail carrypond@hotmail.com or anitadue@fairpoint.net for help getting tickets.

4.  Please have your name, address, phone # on each sheet you purchase. You only need to write this info once on each sheet.

5.  Do not enter the same date and time on more than one ticket.

6.  If you choose “pick for me” in which we randomly pick your dates for you, and if you want us to send you what those dates are, please write your e-mail address on the ticket sheet.

7.  Make your check out to Lee  Academy Alumni Association.

8.  Mail ticket sheet and check to V. Burpee, 48 McClellan Drive, Glenburn, Me.   04401

9.  All tickets and money mailed must be postmarked by April 1st 2021


If you choose to purchase your tickets electronically, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the Paypal Buy Now button. You will be directed to PayPal to purchase your tickets.

2. Once that Transaction is complete, you will need to select “Return To Merchant.” Here you will be directed to a form to fill in your information.

3. Please fill in the required fields of name, address, phone, and email.

4a. You can choose the “Pick For Me” for us to randomly pick your dates and times


4b. Fill in the dates and times of your choice. Do Not enter the same date and time in more than one line option.

Please Remember

1.  Tickets officially go on sale Jan.1st, but if you are reading this right now, you can go ahead and get your tickets.

2.  The contest is over at midnight, April 1st.

Now you know everything you need to know about this Ice Out Contest.  The possibilities are limitless.  Very conservatively we have 3000 LA alums.  If they all purchased just 1 ticket sheet, together we would earn $30,000.  $2500 would end up in someone’s pocket and $27,000 would go to the Outdoor/Environmental program. Would you spend $10 for a chance to win $2500?  Would you spend $10 to be a part of this simple idea that has this great potential for our alma mater? We hope so.  Join us, please, and let’s do some great things!




The following week we had a great celebration in the Auditorium at Lee Academy.  It was the beginning of an on-going effort to teach the students about LA, her history, her alumni, and our purpose and dedication to Lee Academy.  At this assembly, members of the Alumni Association presented the school with $1400 from the 2020 Ice Out contest.