It’s that time of year again!! The ICE OUT contest is here.

The Ice Out contest will kick off in January 2021. The cost is $1 per ticket or $10 per sheet. In the past, we have had supporters from 23 states participate and are challenging our alumni to reach even further this year and make it a global event. All proceeds from this fundraiser are dedicated to the new Outdoor & Environmental Education program so the more sheets sold,  the more unique educational experiences we can provide for the students. Contest details and the ticket sheet can be found below making it easy for alumni to help support this exciting new program. Simply complete the tickets with your best guess or choose the new “PICK FOR  ME” option and mail the tickets and payment to the address below. Provided is a link to a  downloadable ticket sheet on the website, making it easy to print or email additional tickets to sell to family and friends all over the world. 

How Does This Contest Work? : Our “Clerk of the Works” is Duane Aldrich. About 1/4 mile up on the  Arab Road, a pallet with 2- 35lb. cinderblocks and a flag will be set out on Merrill Pond by his house.  There will be a series of rope and a heavy fish line connecting the pallet to an electric clock plugged in at  Duane’s house. When the ice melts, the pallet sinks, pulling the rope and fish line which unplugs the clock. The clock stops at the moment the ice goes out at Merrill Pond. Mother nature determines the time. The time determines the winner!  


Simple Rules: Tickets are $1 each or a sheet for $10.00. You must have your name, address, and phone# on your ticket. Do not enter the same date and time on more than one ticket. Tickets will be on sale from January 1 to April 1. Tickets must be postmarked by April 1st. The ticket owner with the closest time to the clock time wins. In the case of multiple winners, the winnings will be divided. The winner(s) will receive the good news by phone.  

Where Can I Get Tickets? : Print your tickets from the Alumni website with the link below, or beginning  January 1, 2021, purchase them from any active Association member: Len Saba, Anita Duerr, Wendy  Dunbar, Meghann Zanotta, Jenn Dodge, Judy Mallett, Connie Mcleod, Vickie Burpee, & Chuck Noyes.  Tickets will also be available locally at Mallett’s Mill, Raymond’s Variety, and Lee Motors in Lee.  

Call 207-265-6338 or 207-738-3145 and leave a message or Email, Email, or you can download tickets below.